Company specialized in cold drawn steel bars, is located in the North of Italy and since 1950 has been producing bars of iron, carbon steel and alloy steel using the following cold manufacturing processes:
Cold-drawn steel bars in the following sections: squares, hexagons, flats, angles, “T” sections, splined shafts, special sections on Customer’s request;
Peeled-reeled and ground steel bars in the round sections up to 180 mm.
Company specialized in:
Big dimensions (ready on stock) and non-standard sizes: we were the first Company in  Europe to produce large cold-drawn bars: flats up to 500 x 40 mm in thickness up to 100 mm, e.g. 200 x 100 mm, squares up to 160 x 160 mm, angles up to 100 x 100 x 10 mm;
Narrow tolerances, both on ground bars (up to ISO h6 tolerance) and cold-drawn bars,including ISO h9 x h11 and h9xh9  tolerance for feather keys (key-steel according to DIN 6880);
Special sizes and cross-sections on Customer's request (including round-edged cold-drawn squares and flats);
Steels for racks: we can offer drawn steel-bars with heat treatments that reduce quite completely the tensions coming from the drawing process in all cases where it's important to maintain the straightness after the processing, for example the production of racks.
Our Customers are qualified manufacturers and traders. They appreciate our readiness, the good quality of our products and services and the flexibility of order expediting.

Company specialized in cold drawn bars and it covers actually an area of 55.000 square meters since 1948; the organization and the productive plants are conceived and managed combining at best innovation and flexibility in order to meet the most specific Customers' demands.
Machineries, technologically in the vanguard, permit the firm to carry out workings of wiredrawing and grinding on sweet, automatic, special steel for the cementation or reclamation, in round, square, hexagon and flat sections.
Other special shaped profiles are executed on order.
Characteristics of supplies according to the EN REGULATIONS currently in force.
Up with the times, all the employees, from production to commercial and administrative ones, take part in the Company Quality System  with the common aim to be orientated to the Customer, with whose organization a partnership relation is set up.
The company serves a diversified customer base with different production requirements, on the domestic and international markets.

Company specialized in drawing and grinding process of special steels since 1979.
Technical know-how and high quality standards on both bars and coils, allow us to count of the Company among the most important European Producers in the field of special steel cold processing.
We are able to satisfy each customer’s individual requirement, thanks to the versatility of the equipments used and to the flexibility of its organization. Our modern and qualified equipments allow us to obtain high-quality and high-precision products both in bars (drawn and ground) and in coils (drawn) with round, square, hexagonal, flat and special profiles according to customers’ specific drawing.
Further, first in Europe, installed the new furnace STC with horizontal chamber for globular annealing.
This equipment assures high quality level in term of structure and guarantees the total absence of decarburization thanks to the capacity of controlling constantly the percentage of carbon inside the atmosphere and of assuring the same temperature in every zone of the furnace.The full control of the working process, the versatility of the equipments
and the flexibility of our organization allow us to answer and satisfy any customer’s specification.
Equipped with the most modern equipments existing in commerce for non-destructive testing on both bars (drawn/ground) and drawn wires in coils.