"DRAWN STEEL BARS" a young company that has been able to quickly establish its expertise in the field of cold drawn products.
The goal is to offer our customers the best value between price and quality on the Drawn/Peeled/Ground steel products, thanks to the cooperation of three leading Italian drawing industry with over 60 years of experience each.
"DRAWN STEEL BARS" was able to combine the strength of the drawing industries, providing a single reference to their customers and the most properly solution available in the market.
We are present  in different areas: Turkey, Egypt, United States Of America, Russia, Ukraine, United Kingdom, etc.

No intermediary between buyer (you) and producers,  with direct final transaction in terms of  payments and documents issue.
Technical support  of "DRAWN STEEL BARS"  thanks to the engineers team able to study and choose the most properly solutions of not-standard drawn steel  where is required special heat treatments and process methods to ensure the mechanical properties required by the customer.
The flagship is also the direct availability of the technical department of each manufacturer providing its experience of over 60 years in the field, position confirmed by supplying the worldwide companies in automotive industry - mechanical engineering - weaving - Tools manufacturers etc.
Advantages: No brokerage - one reference - ensuring best supplier in terms of quality and price - short reaction times - Technical support, etc.

  • Send your Inquiry (specifications: quantity - size - section - grade of steel - ref. norms UNI or ASTM for tolerances  and chemical composition - any heat treatments required - non-destructive testing if required etc.) In the case of product used as standard indicate annual consumption expected.
  • "DRAWN STEEL BARS" will send the quotation of standard materials within 24 hours of receipt of inquiry  (please specify full address to send the offer)..
  • In case of  confirmation order, will be sent an official Proforma Invoice from  the manufacturers under the conditions defined in the quotation.